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Welcome to Snippets! Snippets is a Mozilla project who's goal is to capture and reuse code snippets of XUL, JS, CSS, etc which developers happen to have spent some time creating, but are not really worth their own "project". For example, there is some code which you could use as a "wrapper" to make your XUL app installable, or to create a simple draggable element using <bulletinboard>. Everything is welcome here! Think of this as your place to drop off your recyclables and to pick up some gems!

Snippets will only work with your help! Do you have random XUL, JS, etc. files lying on your hard drive that you used perhaps to figure out how GRID worked, or perhaps to see if the Javascript I/O library really did something cool. Send me an email and let's get it included!

The real goal here is to get the creative juices flowing. One person makes a simple file, another refines it, another changes it to make something else, and on and on!

All snippets will be put in CVS for updates and fixes. Dont be embarrassed! Send your code today.

Right now email me at

I have every intention of getting many more people working on this, so if you feel you'd like to help manage the CVS and code snippets, email me today.

Here is the new mailing list.

What's New 03/26/01

Updated the installable sidebar component. Please email me if you have problems with it. Also added a new link which is a ZIP file dump of the current tree.



What's New 02/15/01

Added new user-stylesheet snippet: link floater. It creates a floating panel on any site you visit and culls the links off that site into a handy list. It's a demo of making chrome-like tools that live in the DOM of the site you visit.



What's New 02/02/01

Added three new snippets - See contributors below for details



Robert Kaiser <> - An example of a working xul+rdf(+js+css) sidebar panel

Pete Collins <> - js code for setting a pref.

Andrew Wooldridge <> -1) XUL application using js I/O to write to a User-Stylesheet; 2)Flash in XUL example using user-stylesheets and XBL.




The snippets project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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